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Robbie about me and Willie going on our Saturday night date tonight. He was quiet a bit and mumbled, "No offense Dylan, but I'd rather not hear about him. I'm jealous of him". Robbie was so serious about it I didn't goof on him at all. I just said, "Sorry, Robbie. I don't want to make you feel bad." levitra Then, to change the subject, I came right generic vardenafil online levitra out and asked him about vardenafil smoking marijuana and, levitra coupon specifically about trying to get Chubby to smoke some that time at the dead end road. I levitra 20mg wasn't accusatory at all, just told him I buy levitra was curious. Robbie wasn't taken aback too buy levitra much by my mention of the marijuana incident although he did act a little bit embarrassed to tell me the reason he'd brought the subject up vardenafil with Chubby. He claims he was starting to worry generic vardenafil levitra generic that Chubby, and maybe me too, might begin to think he was boring or something. Robbie wanted to impress Chubby so he assumed it would seem cool to smoke some weed, he asked Chubby to join him. Chubby declined which really surprised Robbie because he was sure Chubby was the type who would smoke it... Chubby just seemed so "with it' and cool and Robbie associated that with pot for some reason. Apparently Robbie has levitra 20 mg smoked pot in the past for basically the same reason... to impress his peers. There's been three or four times at parties with the baseball team guys levitra 20 that Robbie joined in and smoked a bit although he claimed not to have enjoyed it or buy levitra felt 'high' from it at all. Frankly I was relieved Robbie's explanation sounded believable. It's crazy, but it was just like Robbie not to be confident enough to say "no" to the pot. As I've stated before, he has every reason to be a confident kid... he's popular, smart, on the baseball team and on and on. Didn't translate to confidence in Robbie's levitra generic mind though, so what are you gonna do. I buy levitra blew the whole matter off with, "Yeah, Chubby and I agree with you Robbie, pot sucks. We don't smoke that shit, not that there's levitra 20 anything wrong with guys who online levitra do smoke generic vardenafil it, we just don't like levitra 20mg it... it stinks, the smell I mean". Robbie levitra online was cool with that. I should have left levitra 20mg it at that because Robbie was acting a bit more up-beat levitra 20 mg again but I stupidly forgot I was trying to change buy levitra online the subject and I talked on about Willie, hell I was excited... it was levitra online wrong of me though. Robbie levitra 20 wanted me to talk about him and buy levitra online me... not Willie and me. He pouted or did something close to pouting the rest day and it took the edge off my excitement about seeing Willie. There wasn't any fooling myself about levitra coupon this... Robbie was awesomely hot for sure, but I really was missing Willie and I could hardly wait to see him. Willie always knew exactly what he wanted and he went right for it. I admired him a lot levitra 20 mg for that and for many other things too. I'm in love with him... yes, this is true love. It makes me get wet thinking about him and I think about him a lot! But, I'll need to wait just a few more hours before I can see him again. After a hot, difficult day at work Robbie and I were all sweaty driving back to the shop in the back of the pick-up generic levitra online with the warm humid air flowing over us during the ride. generic levitra online No talking, but we levitra still ended up in the way-back section of the locker room levitra doing a sweet, sweaty kiss goodbye. Walking back up to Robbie's locker after our make-out I told him, "I'm so sorry you're upset, Robbie. I told generic levitra you about Willie before though, remember? Don't be sad, I spend way, vardenafil way more time with you than I do with him. OK, Robbie?" He nodded his head and generic levitra clung to me. Jesus, it was both awesome and levitra online depressing at the same time. I'm starting to think he really is in love with me. This kid has never hidden his emotions so he must really have a "thing" for me. I felt so lucky on the one hand, but unlucky on the other because his feelings levitra 20 mg were bringing me down off the high I'm on about my date tonight. I wanted to revel in that thought, but now I'm also concerned about hurting Robbie. Why does everything happen to me? buy levitra online I made myself be patient with Robbie... I let him decide when we'd break our hug and, as it turned out, generic levitra his folks were ready to leave pretty quickly so he gave me a shy smile while quietly saying, "Thanks for being so levitra coupon sweet about the bratty way I'm acting. I love generic levitra online levitra generic you, Dylan." He then walked quickly out of the locker room and I was left totally alone. I slowly sauntered to my locker to make sure it was locked and I thought about those notes in my locker many weeks ago. Maybe Robbie did put levitra 20mg them there after all... vardenafil should I bring it up? The bus online levitra ride home went without incident and at home I quickly took a shower and got generic levitra online dressed for my date. Chubby has his levitra generic window washer meeting with online levitra Rickie and the other window washer boys on Saturday nights so I won't see him until tomorrow morning... all those boys will have dinner at Rickie's tonight, then have their meeting, then get their weekly buzz cuts at the Mall, and then they'll do some activity like the movies, bowling, whatever... I don't even ask anymore. Once they went to levitra 20 a party and Chubby got wasted, and another time they all got their ears pierced. Thinking about that, I reached up to feel the pierced ear I'd gotten compliments of mohawk man, and the cool hoop earring he gave me too. He gave me quite a fucking as well, can't forget that... and that god damn spanking too! I ask again... why does everything happen to me? Putting levitra coupon on both the watch and that super fine buy levitra online necklace Willie's gave me on past dates made me wonder if he had another present for me tonight. Then, the door bell chimes and my heartbeat picked-up, I was real excited, but generic levitra a little nervously scared too because with Willie generic vardenafil ya just never know. That's part of the picture